Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Breakfast McMuffin Paleo style

This is a filling breakfast sandwich loosely based on the limp, tasteless, non paleo, ones served at the Golden arches. The basic 'bread' recipe is all over the internet in various guises and we've had fun this week adding things to it to make breakfast pancakes, pizza and even faux sandwiches! My Fake McMuffin was topped with an omelet and Nurnberger Bratwursts from Aldi which surprisingly have no bread fillers or artificial ingredients. Instead of the white, goopy, McD's sauce, I spread a generous portion of bacon jam on the 'bread' and it was perfect. You could also pop a nice poached or fried egg on top instead of an omelet, either way it's a change from plain old bacon and eggs. Another variation is to  chop up some smoked salmon and serve it with scrambled eggs and  sprinkle with fresh chives.

For the 'bread' base
1/3 cup almond flour
1 teaspoon olive oil (or oil of your choice)
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
scant pinch of salt
a little chopped parsley or chives if you are feeling fancy

Toppings (Cook these first, the 'bread' only takes an additional minute to cook)
3, Nurnberg sausages split in half but not cut all the way through and cooked until brown
1 egg omelet with added diced bacon, bell peppers, onions mushrooms. Try and keep the omelet roughly the size of the bowl you are cooking the 'bread' in. This is purely for aesthetic reasons, we want this to look as good as it tastes.
 Bread base instructions
In a bowl mix the baking powder and salt with the almond flour.
Add the egg and oil and chopped herbs and stir until well combined. 

Take a microwaveable bowl and lightly oil the bottom of it, not too much just enough to prevent sticking. Tip the contents into the bowl and microwave on full power for 1 minute. 

Tip 'bread' out and flip over and microwave for a further ten seconds.

To serve, put bread on a plate, top with bacon jam

and then the omelet, 

artfully arrange the sausages and deftly top with a slice of tomato and if you are feeling pretentious, a sprig of parsley!!

Make your own almond flour
To make about 2 cups of flour, grind a 200g bag of almonds (with the skin on) in a food processor until finely ground, not too long though or you'll end up with almond butter! Sieve over a bowl, there will be about 2 tablespoons of 'big bits left over). Use these in salads for a bit of crunch.

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